Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hand Over Head - Daddy Was A Nazi 7"

Hand Over Head - Daddy Was A Nazi b/w How High 7"


I've been on a God Bullies kick since the Am Rep 25 thing in Minneapolis a few weeks back and decided to pull out some Hand Over Head releases for old times sake and I am glad I did. I forgot what a great band this was. They were a Mike Hard side project that really doesn't sound too different than the God Bullies but maybe a bit more catchier/straightforward. The only downfall to it all is that my Hand Over Head records were played with a vengeance at many a house party back in the day and they suffer from a bit of "scratchiness". I hope some of you vinyl enthusiasts appreciate the "vintage sound". This was released on Tear It Up Records back in 1992 with a limited edition of 1000 pressed.

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