Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Depo-Provera EP (1989)

The Depo Provera 7" 45 EP (1989)

1) Liquid Personality
2) Class Reunion
3) I'm Not A Date (I'm An Alcoholic)
4) You Need Us


Speaking of Green Bay punk rock...here is the 1989, self-released Depo Provera EP featuring the one and only Rev. Norb. This was his band after Suburban Mutilation and before Boris the Sprinkler. It came out as a 4-song 45 rpm 7" record. Classic GB pop-punk.


Welcome To Green Bay - late 80's Punk Compilation Tape

Welcome To Green Bay - late 80's underground music compilation cassette tape

Covent Garden
Depo Provera
Free Spirit
Mission Of Mercy
Muff Diver


Released by "Ragman Records" back in the late 80's, this tape features a sampling of some of the local hardcore/metal/punk/rock bands from Green Bay WI during that time period. Out of the nine bands, I would have to say Depo Provera might be the most nationally recognizable. The band features Rev. Norb (ex-Suburban Mutilation) who would later go on to front the band Boris The Sprinkler. Others might also be familiar with Withdraw who had a 7" release on the infamous Mystic/Superseven Records in the mid-80's. All in all, some of the bands on this cassette are better than others, the genres and sound quality also varies greatly throughout the tape and not all of the local bands from that era are represented, but for the most part this is a cool little trip back in time to GB's late 80's punk scene.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Gluey Brothers - Live on KUNM FM Albuquerque 11/18/2000

The Gluey Brothers - Live on KUNM's Ear To The Ground in Albuquerque NM 11/18/2000

1) Gluey Brothers Creep
2) Falcon Carson
3) Penny and the Young Buck
4) Freedom
5) Juice Boogie
6) Come Here Come Kitty
7) Coffee Shop Tribute/Donut Quota
8) Pinon Lurker/Outro


Wow! The Gluey Brothers. What can be said about these guys?

Pure human power!

They were an amalgamation of Rap, Funk, Rock, Metal, and a host of other varying genres. They were hands down my favorite "local" live band back in the day in New Mexico. They always put on an awesome show. The first time I saw them at the Dingo Bar blew my friggin' mind. I was changed forever. On top of all of that, they were very cordial off the stage. The Gluey Bros were one band that did leave a void in NM when they called it quits. There never was and there never will be another like them. It's nice to know they are currently planning to play some shows again (too bad I live in WI now and can't witness the magic live). While they were a fairly regional band during their peak (NM/CA/AZ/NV) and you may have not heard them...check 'em out...especially live if you have the chance...you owe it to yourself.