Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amphetamine Reptile - Ugly American Overkill EP 7"

Am Rep Ugly American Overkill EP 7"

1) Tar - Compaction
2) God Bullies - Yellow Ribbon
3) Helmet - Taken
4) Surgery - A.K.


Am Rep Scale 34. Check it out. If you're here I am sure you are familiar with the bands. Good Stuff.


  1. Probably my favorite Tar song. After paying way too much for other early Tar singles (like $25!), I found this little gem just sitting in the used 7" bin at Ear Wax like what? 10 years ago?

  2. Agreed...I collected many of those early Tar singles over the years and would have to say this is probably one of their best pre-T&G songs...

  3. I've seen this tour in Vienna, Austria (1991-05-22). Helmet and Tar were overwhelming - I'm sure everyone who was there will remember this show forever.
    The fifth band was Halo of Flies, I think.