Sunday, February 23, 2014

Atomic 61 - Heartworm 10" EP (1991 Box Dog Sound Records)

Atomic 61 - Heartworm 10" EP (1991 Box Dog Sound Records)


This release has been on my mind as of late. I scoured the Internet to see if I could find a rip to listen to since I only had it on vinyl and wanted to listen to it while away from the old turntable. I couldn't find anything. So...I ripped it myself and here is my first Enemy Lines post in quite some time.

This was released back in 1991 on small indie Box Dog Records out of Seattle. I don't know very much about the label other than the fact they were going to be releasing a VHS only copy of Melvins live Island of a Thousand Delights video sometime after this record came out. The band was made up of two guys (on vox and guitar) and the rhythm section was made up of two women

The release itself is an amalgamation of Midwestern noise-rock, Northwestern grunge and a sort of Southern stoner boogie rock. To me the stand-out track is the first song on the second side...Technicolor Wonderland. It has a Shorty-esque vibe with a heavy driving rhythm and chaotic Yow/Al Johnson style vocals.

Digging out old vinyl like this really brings me back to a simpler time of browsing record store racks for used $2 vinyl records by bands I never heard of and getting my mind blown on a regular basis. Enjoy.

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