Monday, July 25, 2011

Estrus Sampler: 26 Excellent Spicy Sizzlers (1999 Estrus Records)

Estrus Sampler: 26 Excellent Spicy Sizzlers (1999 Estrus Records)


For a few years in the mid to late 90's I was REALLY big into the whole "Garage Rock" punk revival thing (I still am today, just not AS big). Bands like Oblivians, The Motards and The Drags dominated my turntable. Those bands turned me on to other bands through their respective labels and Estrus Records was one of those labels. When I went down to the local record store and perused through the latest vinyl releases, I knew when I came across a new Estrus release it was bound to be good. This particular CD was a freebie. It came free with any purchase at one of the local record stores in Albuquerque at the time (Bow Wow? Mind Over Matter? Tulane Exchange? I don't recall exactly). And thanks to this sampler, I picked up even more great Estrus releases. Great label, great sampler. Check it out...

Track listing:

1. All Action Man - The Coyote Men
2. All Night Burner - The Crown Royals
3. Explosives - The Drags
4. You're Making Me Sick - The Fells
5. Turbo Wave - Gasoline
6. Cigarette - The Gimmicks
7. The Track - Girl Trouble
8. Cozy Corner - Impala
9. Don't Turn Away - The Insomniacs
10. It's Your Curse - Lord High Fixers
11. Love For Free - Madame X
12. (Are You On The Inside Or The Outside Of Your) Pants - The Makers
13. Escape Velocity - Man or Astroman?
14. Hate Your Way - Mono Men
15. Turn Away - The Mortals
16. Too Much Evil - The Quadrajets
17. Pack Of Lies - The Nomads
18. To Japan From Texas - The 1-4-5's
19. Ghoulash - Satan's Pilgrims
20. Know It All Doll - The Splash 4
21. Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time - Sugar Shack
22. Psychodestruct - The Switch Trout
23. 99 - Thundercrack
24. Fire Breathing '32 - The Untamed Youth
25. Deora - The Volcanos
26. Kill That Guy - The Von Zippers


  1. Excellent compilation. Thank you !


  2. The first 10 tracks on this just cant be fucked with. This comp holds a special place in my ever-decreasing memory: it got me out of the mainstream grunge/punk/metal...and into the music I live and love to this day. Highly recommended.

    Love your blog , by the rules!