Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cosmic Psychos - Blokes You Can Trust CD (1991 Amphetamine Reptile Records)


Happy New Year and cheers!!!

As requested by my good friend Joe...some Psychos. Happy Birthday Man.

My second favorite Australian band, The Cosmic Psychos. Rock and fuckin' Roll. This was Robbie "Rocket" Watts (RIP) first release with the band as their guitarist and in my opinion their best release. They have a few more full lengths after this one which I love, but this one kicks some serious ass. Saw 'em live in 1996 in ABQ at the Golden West Saloon...they wanted to come over to the pad to party after the show and maybe catch some Zzz, but the wife (who was my young girlfriend at the time) was having none of it. Fun times nonetheless. Enjoy.

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